Powder coating - how to

Powder coating allows to paint metal objects with a polyester coating that is very resistant to all elements and most solvents and fuels. It is applied as a powder and then cured in an oven at a temperature that ranges between 150 and 200 degrees Celsius creating a "skin". Powder coating is better for the environment because does not use any solvents, can be applied without the risk of having it running and it is kind of self leveling. Proper cleaning of the surface to be painted really makes the difference between a mediocre and a professional job.


Determine what type of finish you want so you can choose the best powder. You might decide to go with a transparent color (known as "Candy"), a texture or a solid color, even a glow in the dark or chameleon.
Disassemble the part and remove anything you don't want permanently coated. Make sure everything is removed from your part like  bearings, clamps, bolts and nuts. Powder coat will adhere to everything so pay attention to this often undervalued step.

Clean the metal very, very well. Use bead or abrasive blasting on hard metal, to remove mill and rust scale, dirt and foreign materials. Use chemical solvent cleaning to remove any grease, oil, or paint. Then use light sanding to finish preparing the surface. Make sure to use silicon removing chemicals to be sure that no contamination is left on the metal.

Apply the powder coat. After you are sure that the part is truly clean hook up the ground wire to it in a place that wont be seen at the end and spray the powder making sure that every area of your part is covered. Don't get to close to the part with the gun or you might have an arc of electricity.
WARNING: the tip of the gun is at very high voltage, don't touch!

Put the part in a preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Bake the part to the powder specification, the timer should start once the powder "flows out", so when it turns from a powder form to liquid. Once the curing is done, rest the part until cool enough to touch at which point it can immediately be put back to work.
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